For the past 5 years Dutch citizens have been paying 20 million tax euros for politicians’ half-pay

Former Members of Parliament, State Secretaries and Ministers received free welfare, all paid from tax money



During the past five years former Members of Parliament, State Secretaries and Ministers have been receiving half-pay amounting to almost 20 million euros. This is shown by the data from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations that were obtained by the Dutch evening news show EenVandaag. In total 178 former Members of Parliament, 15 State Secretaries and 18 Ministers received half-pay, an average of 93,000 euros per person.

EenVandaag requested infirmation from the Ministry of the Interior on the number of formed politicians receiving half-pay during the past five years, including specific amounts and the duration of payments. Members of Parliament accounted for over 16.5 million euros, State Secretaries and Ministers scoring over 3 million. All tax money.

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