Ukranian PR club maintains: TPO and Chris Aalberts were spreading fake news

Three reasons why Promote Ukraine and the EU are wrong (and this is not the end of it yet)


Promote Ukraine, the Ukranian organisation that wants to ‘spread Ukranian ideas across Europe’ and complained about TPO with the EU organisation EU vs Disinfo, still maintains that we were spreading fake news through a 2015 report by Chris Aalberts. This is shown by a statement about this report that was published on Tuesday on the organisation’s website.

“This article is trying to mislead, stating that the Ukraine is an oligarchy without independent media. Also the subtitle “Isis works with the Ukranian Army” may mislead not just the Dutch-speaking but even the Dutch themselves. As we all know, many readers only scan the headlines and subtitles.”

A handy picture to explain

We will explain it once more time using a handy picture.

Number 1: The article involved was a report, a factual account of a meeting by Forum voor Democratie. It was a lecture prior to the referendum about the association treaty with Ukraine. The author just wrote what he saw there.

Number 2. The author was Chris Aalberts, who has been writing about politics for TPO for years. Take, for instance, the scores of reports on the Water Authority, or the exhaustive report on his travel to Israel. His next book will be about the still ongoing investigation of the politics in the city of Den Helder. Nobody has ever been able to point out any fake news in the hundreds of reports he wrote for us.

Number 3. And of course Promote Ukraine could have known this if they had read the entire series #Bruslog, because the report involved was part of a 215-item series that later resulted in Aalberts’ book.

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