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Tommy Robinson transferred to HM Prison Onley, with a 30% muslim population

Robinson fears for his safety

Door: , 13:17, 15 juni 2018

Robinson fears for his safety

News has been making the rounds on the internet of Tommy Robinson’s transfer to a different prison since Wednesday, a life threatening environment according to the man himself.

Gagging order

Objective reporting on the Robinson situation is difficult since most major news publications barely share anything about it. This is due to the judge having issued a ‘D-Notice’ – basically a gagging order. Although this D-Notice is not applicable to online media, only moderate to far-right media have reported on this case thus far, with the exception of one Guardian article.

While this doesn’t mean the reports are completely false, it almost certainly does mean the reporting is less balanced. Putting all the stories side by side to get a more complete picture of the situation – as is common – has proven to be a difficult task for the discerning reader.

For this reason TPO has collected all currently available sources to give you a clear overview as best we can.

Robinson not safe

Caolan Robertson, Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson and video producer, shared the news of Tommy’s transfer to a different prison – sourced from the always reliable InfoWars, and the equally as reliable Alex Jones. Supposedly no less than 71% of the inmates housed there are muslim, in contrast to the 2% in Hull Prison, where Tommy was previously located. Below you’ll find a transcript our colleagues at Geenstijl have made of Caolan’s conversation with Alex Jones:


“We just found out he’s actually been moved from the prison he was out, to the new one. […] Where he was before was relatively safe, it had a low Muslim population, he was in a specific ward that was safe. He was actually okay. […] He’s just been moved to a really unsafe place. As soon as he arrived at the entrance someone told him or muttered to him it was full of people who didn’t like him, which was really really worrying. He was put on the main wing […] which is not a safe department. It’s the main open season part of the prison. […] We’ve found the statistics of the prison, it’s around 71% Muslim […], the last one was close to 2%.

As soon as he arrived he looked around, he could see people shouting, being really quite terrifying. He went on to his cell, he said all night people were shouting and banging on the cell doors, screaming death threats. He was really actually quite terrified about it. He’s really just relaying this whole thing in the last hour. There has also been a hit [fatwa, red.] from an imam on him directly during the last 24 hours. I can’t confirm if the imam is in that specific prison or if it’s one nearby. He’s a much higher target now then when he was previously imprisoned because of publicity. […] It’s gone into an extremely dangerous situation, everyone is really worried, he’s really worried. He wanted me to pass this on to the public.”


Listen here to the conversation between Caolan Robertson and Alex Jones for yourself. 


We can paint a more nuanced picture based on stories shared throughout last Thursday. The previously mentioned 71% muslim population appears to be grossly exaggerated. Raheem Kassam, chief editor of Breitbart London and very sympathetic to Tommy, suggests the number of muslim prisoners is more in the range of 20%.

Later he readjusted his estimate to at least 30%, the same figure we find in other reports.

The Daily Mirror’s Mickey Smith published an article today debunking the 71% muslims claim, mentioning that the highest percentage of muslims in a Midlands prison is in HM Prison Onley with 30,4%. In this report (pdf) you’ll find Smith’s source on page 72.

According to Insider Caz Booth Tommy has indeed been transferred to HM Prison Onley. He spoke to Helen Lel Gower, who has fulfilled the role of Tommy’s personal assistant for some time.

On Twitter, Gower confirms Caz Booth’s Facebook message is 100% accurate.


Caolan Robertson, the one who spoke to Alex Jones, published a trio of tweets claiming – among other things – that the local prison imam knew of Robinson’s arrival a day in advance. This while regular personnel only knew of his arrival the moment they were face-to-face with Robinson. He also mentioned once again the supposed existence of a fatwa (official contract) issued against Robinson, and said people will attempt to murder him prison.

If you would like to support Tommy you can donate money here to help pay the ever more costly bills from his legal team.


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